Every year on Kurban Ait hundreds of thousands of Muslims in our country in one day, slaughter thousands of heads of livestock: sheep, horses, and cows.

     I have nothing against the rite itself. Its original meaning was to help others, to do good to people. This emphasizes the humanity of Islam.

     Nevertheless, have you ever thought about the rationality of slaughtering a huge number of cattle on the same day? How much meat is produced this day? Can society use it rationally?

     Muslims give one third of the meat to the relatives and another one-third is distributed to all those who need. There is nothing wrong. It is good that the poor people of Kazakhstan are full of this day. However, what will happen tomorrow? Rather, in a few days. I am afraid that these people do not have large freezers to save for a long time all the donations received from good Muslims. It turns out that families of poor people will eat meat in one day, and the rest of 364 days a year will live half-starving. Is it rational? Is it not better to stretch the sacrifice for a year and help the poor little by little, but all year long? Moreover, it is even better not to turn this aid into cattle but into other ways. Many of those to whom Muslims give meat, even have no roof over their heads, not mentioning about the freezer. Is it not better to give them a house or furniture, livestock, clothes, textbooks? These things will do them more good than one full day in the year.

     I am an atheist, and, of course, I am not an authority to teach Muslims how to carry out their religious ritual, but I hope they are ready to listen to the voice of the mind, from whomever it came.

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