Once a newlywed couple came to visit us, a niece and her husband.

The honeymoon is in full swing, eyes burning, hand in hand, embarrassed smiles. In general, everything is as it should be.

I look at them and rejoice. I was like that myself.

But the devil pulled me to enter into a discussion with them.

The niece believes that her chosen one is the providence of fate. Heaven had ordained that they should meet in the university dining-room, fate had placed them at adjacent tables, and fate had dropped her niece’s spoon, and so on in the same melodramatic fashion.

I listened to it, listened to it, and finally I couldn’t stand it, and I ask:

– Do you really think that if there had been a sanitary day in your university cafeteria that day, you would never have met and would have been unhappy for life?”

“Yes –” my niece says, genuinely puzzled.

“I’ll disappoint you, my dear. You could have met someone else and been happy.

– How’s that?” No, this is impossible – ” the newlyweds chorus and squeeze each other’s hands tighter. “Look, we’re so right for each other.

– Yes, come on. But the thing is, there were dozens of guys and girls around each of you who were right for you. By character, by upbringing, by views on life. Sexy, after all. If you think about it and be honest, many of them could have been your husband, niece, and your wife, dear. Subconsciously, you would still choose the right match for yourself. During the first acquaintance, people look at each other, and already at this moment the guy chooses, in his opinion, the most beautiful, kind, sweet. And the girl shows her interest to the most, in her opinion, noble, kind, brave guy. Of all the people she knows. This is how the “chemistry” of love happens. At the same time, as they say, similar attracts. Good drawn to good, evil to evil, mannered to well-mannered, and bullies to the bullies. That’s why you’re good for each other.

– I’ve heard the phrase ‘opposites attract, ‘” she says with a sly smile.

“That’s right,” I say, unperturbed, ” but only inside the same thing. Among all the good guys, you’re drawn to the determined guy, even though you’re a coward yourself. You were attracted to a pragmatic person, even though you are a romantic person. In this you are different. But by and large you are similar, you are both well – mannered, educated, kind.

– But why did I choose him out of all the guys I wanted?” My niece asks.

“That’s an accident. Out of all the guys that fit you, you chose him, and you’re fine now. But trust me, you’d be fine with another guy who suits you, too. A little different, but still good. He might not have been so handsome, but he might have been a little smarter. Not so bold, but a little kinder. And so on. You would have a different fate, but you would still be happy and would not even suspect that you could be happy in any other way.

– I don’t believe it anyway, ” says the niece, smiling blissfully and snuggling up to her husband.

“And don’t believe it. Understanding will come later, with age. You will even understand that many other things in life are subject to this law of regularities and accidents. For example, you are absent-minded and therefore it is quite natural that you will soon lose something. But what exactly: keys or purse, and when exactly: today or in a week-this is already an accident. Even the appearance of life on Earth is a pattern. The chemical elements would eventually form organic compounds at a certain temperature and humidity. But when and where it happened is a complete accident.

I gave more examples and arguments, explained to them the essence of being, but they did not seem to listen to me anymore. Only they tightened their hands and smiled enigmatically, looking at each other.

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