Human behaviour is based on two basic instincts that are genetic. These are survival and reproduction instincts.

Whatever man does in his life, all his actions, feelings and emotions are based on these two instincts, which help him survive and continue his species, i.e. serve his personal interest, his “ego”. Man’s egoism is the fundamental motive of his behaviour.

The question then arises: why does man have such a strong sense of justice, which often conflicts with his self-interest?

For example, when a person goes into the square and demands the release of political prisoners or those unjustly convicted, he is wasting his personal time and sometimes even risking his freedom. One would think, why should he do this?

But even in this situation it is not so much generosity that drives a man to the square, but rather his own egoism, or rather the concern for his own future security. When a man seeks justice he is fighting to ensure that no one in his society unjustifiably suffers, including himself. He does not want to get into a situation in the future where he himself would be unjustly condemned and disadvantaged.

Therefore, to take care of himself, his security, freedom and his rights in the future, he makes relatively small sacrifices today. In particular, he spends his time, energy, sometimes even risking his freedom just to protect justice, which in the future will also protect him.

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