Serik is a typical Kazakh. He has a good family and his own business. Almost every weekend, Serik meets relatives and friends at traditional gatherings. He drives up to the restaurant in a luxury SUV, wears huge watches with a tourbillon, and is adorned with gold rings and chains. This is how he demonstrates his high status to others. Serik carefully observes the homes, cars, and clothes of his friends and relatives. He doesn’t allow himself to have anything worse than others.

Aigul, Serik’s wife, is a typical Kazakh woman. She comes from a good family and has a higher education but doesn’t work. When Aigul goes out with her husband, she wears the most expensive dress from the latest collection of a fashion house. She’s adorned with gold earrings and a diamond necklace. She showcases her high status to her girlfriends.

Aigul closely observes what her friends wear, which salons they visit, and where they vacation. She ensures that her husband provides her with everything better than her friends have.

Bolat, the son of Serik and Aigul, attends the most expensive school. He’s driven to school in a huge SUV. Bolat’s backpack costs more than his teacher’s salary. He owns the latest model of a phone. This is how Bolat showcases his high status to his classmates and teachers.

Bolat tirelessly monitors the phones, game consoles, and sneakers of his classmates. He persuades his parents to buy him everything best.

Because for Kazakhs, status is everything.

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