I remember, in my pioneer childhood, the most terrible crime that Soviet propaganda imputed to America was its desire to destroy the Soviet Union. We were told that Uncle Sam was asleep and saw fraternal republics running to their corners, competing with each other and even feuding. It was believed that due to this, the main competitor of the USA, the USSR, would weaken.

Who would have thought that in 40 years I would be dreaming of the collapse of Russia now more than America.

Yes, I want the Russian Federation to split into dozens of independent states with its government, its budget, its army.

And all this in order to uproot from the bulk of Russians the imperial thinking that is dangerous for the whole world. So that they do not have the largest territory on Earth and one of the largest countries in terms of numbers. History has shown that such an arsenal from time to time awakens in them a sense of superiority over others and a desire to rule the world.

And the second reason: I dream that the peoples of Russia, such as Tatars, Bashkirs, Chechens, Dagestanis, Yakuts, Buryats, etc., will gain independence and their own statehood. This is the only way they will be able to preserve their national identity, their language, culture and history, written not by the metropolis – Moscow, but the real one. In 1991, the Union republics were lucky – the USSR collapsed by itself, and independence fell into our hands from the sky as a gift. We didn’t have to fight for it, shed blood.

The same chance will soon fall to the national-territorial units of the Russian Federation after the end of the war with Ukraine.

There is no doubt that Russia will lose in this war, and the power in it will fall. Anarchy will come. The rigid central vertical will lose its power for literally a few months, a maximum of a year, until a new leader is elected who suits various internal and external forces, and until he gains power. It is at this moment that the national subjects of the federation will be able to withdraw bloodlessly from Russia. The new president will not be up to them. And external players will not let him use force. In addition, Moscow’s use of ethnic minorities as cannon fodder in the war with Ukraine will strengthen the centrifugal forces of the suburbs by that time.

The national subjects of the Russian Federation need to be ready for this and not miss their chance.

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