Do you know who or what is the main enemy of our nation?

          Foreign invaders?

          No. Thank God, for the years of independence, not a single Kazakhstani has perished at the hands of the enemies.

          Natural disasters and cataclysms?

          Of course, they happen, but fortunately, we are spared from such devastating disasters as tsunamis, typhoons and such like.

          Traffic accidents?

          Indeed, every year about 2,500 people die on the roads of the country. But this is not our biggest loss.

          So, the main enemy of our nation is… BESBARMAK, KAZY, KUYRDAK. Yes, that’s right. Our favorite national dishes.

          It turns out that most of Kazakhstani people die every year from diseases, among them the first place is taken by cardiovascular diseases (36,381 people in 2013). This is a real war! And we suffer irreparable losses.

          What is the connection between our national dishes and cardiovascular diseases, you might ask? The fact is that cardiovascular diseases occur mainly because of the formation of fat deposits on the internal walls of blood vessels that supply blood to the heart and brain, which causes their occlusion. And animal fats get into the body with fatty foods. And the main suppliers of fatty foods to the body of Kazakhs, of course, are our beloved BESBARMAK, KAZY, KUYRDAK and other similar dishes.

         In this “war” our main allies are vegetables, fruit, nuts, cereals, etc., that is, everything that has long been called healthy food all over the world, and physical exercise. The healthier we eat and the more we move, the less chance we leave for the “enemy”.

         Of course, as real Kazakhs and patriots, we must not forget our national traditions, including national dishes. We must carry them through the ages just as our ancestors told us. But, paying tribute to their roots, one must approach this issue sensibly. It is possible to cook these dishes, that are heavy from the point of view of digestion and harmful from the point of view of health, not too often, for example, on holidays or on special occasions. This is just like our national clothes: chapan and traditional waistcoat, we do not wear it every day, but we take them out of our chests for Nauryz or a wedding. We should do the same with these dishes.

         So, to those who want to live long, I recommend switching to a healthy diet and exercise!

         Stay healthy, friends!

         Қазақтар, аман-сау болыңыздар!

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