My niece is 27 years old. She’s not married yet. Our grandmothers considered her almost an ‘old boiler’. Personally, I do not think so. But I still wonder why she does not get married. It turned out that she cannot find a worthy candidate.

     “So, whom are you waiting for?” I ask. “A prince on a white horse or a millionaire in a “Bentley”?”

     “Not at all,” she replied. “For me, wealth is not the main thing.”

     “Then what?”

     “Well, first of all, the character. He must be a man in the full sense of the word.”

     “What does this mean?”

     “He must be able to make decisions and take responsibility.”

     “Please, explain.”

     “Well, you know, now there are a lot of mamma’s boys, mumblers and wimps who are not confident in themselves and cannot make men’s decisions. They are always hesitating, doubting, asking advice from someone. Personally for me, if the guy says, “I’ll marry you, I just need to get my mom’s permission”, then for me it’s no longer a man, it’s a mamma’s son. In my opinion, a man should make decisions like this himself.”

     “Ah, got it. You like brutal, harsh men.”

     “Not exactly. Here, too, you shouldn’t go to extremes. I absolutely do not like rude machos who do not consider a woman a person, treat her like a servant, a second class. I would never go into slavery to such a husband.”

     “Well, you’re quite hard to understand! You don’t like mumblers and you don’t like brutal men.”

     “Why don’t you understand? A real man should be soft on the outside, but firm on the inside. That is, he must be attentive, sensitive, caring, but when it comes to making decisions, he must take responsibility and not whine around me. I have to respect him. He must go to the goal and achieve it. He must be a reliable support for me and for my children. That is why we, women, intuitively reach out to strong men. Only a strong man can create a home in the form of a house, protect me and children from dangers and worries. And many men see this aspiration of ours as the pursuit of money. Just get it, the main thing is not money, it is just a sign that a man can do something in this life. Without this quality, money itself passes quickly. For example, a friend of mine married a rich guy. And then his father was put in prison, and all their wealth disappeared in one year. And the boy can do nothing. He only knows how to hang out in clubs. That’s it. So their dolce vita ended. Now they are divorced.

     “You are just like female animals. Choosing a strong male …”

     “Yes. And you should not be offended by this. It’s an instinct. For example, I do not take offense at the fact that men run after every petticoat. This is also an instinct.”

     “Okay. And what other requirements do you have for a man?”

     “Intelligence. I must be interested in talking to him. I have a friend. Her husband is a new Kazakh, cunning, smart. He built a market and made a fortune on it. It would seem that there is money in the family, my friend is provided with everything. But mentally she has nothing in common with her husband. They do not even have anything to talk about privately, other than discussing family matters. It seems to me that he holds her for her beauty and intelligence and brings her out as an expensive piece of jewelry. Naturally, she is looking for communication with a man of her intellectual level on the side. I would not want to be in her place.”

     “I see. What else?”

     “I also want my husband to have a good sense of humor. It happens that a man is intelligent, purposeful, successful, but such a bore. He has everything right, straight, serious. He cannot relax, go wild, surprise. With such a life it seems stale and uninteresting.”

     “Judging by the detailed description, you have such a friend, too.”

     “Yes. There is one relative. I do not envy his wife either.”

     “Okay. What else do you expect from your chosen one?”

     “That’s all, I guess.”

     “Really? What about his height, wide shoulders, six-pack?”

     “Oh yes! It would be great if he were handsome as well. But, to be honest, this is already a bonus. If everything is like what I said at the beginning, then I’m ready to close my eyes to his appearance.”

     “Yes. According to your requirements, it is hard to find a husband. Perhaps, such a man does not exist in nature?”

     “Of course, it’s impossible to find a perfect one, a man who meets all my requirements by hundred percent. But at least he must have a little of everything. And I want him to love me. I would go to the end of the world for him. I would love him whole-heartedly all my life.”

     My niece pondered dreamily.

     And I went on to do my things. I have to drop in at the office, give orders to my subordinates, then buy flowers for my wife, I need to prepare some more surprises for her, and in the evening I need to go to the gym and work out my abs.

     You think it’s easy to be a man?

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