– Why did you ‘like’ this blogger’s post?

           – What do you mean why? He wrote a right thing and he wrote it very clearly. I like it.

           – Did you know that he never ‘likes’ your posts?

           – No, I did not. Did not pay any attention. Why?

           – Why? He never supports you, and you ‘like’ his posts.

           – So you support only those who support you?

           – No, not always. But still…

           – Personally, I ‘like’ posts, that is words and thoughts, not people. Who cares who their author is? A person can be a scoundrel, a liar, or my opponent in some matters, but if he is right in some way, I’m ready to admit it and support him. He may not like me, criticize or ignore me, but if he himself speaks the truth, I am ready to admit it.

           – You’re a strange man.

           – On the contrary, I think, that strange people are those who measure the truth of the words by the author’s attitude towards them.

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