Throughout human history, which is more than 300,000 years, over 100 billion people have been born and died on Earth. The vast majority of them appeared before the advent of Islam. These people had no opportunity to get acquainted with the teachings of the Quran and, therefore, could not follow its prescriptions. Even after the appearance of Islam, millions of people lived far from the places where this religion spread. They did not know about its existence and naturally could not follow its rules. Among these people, many decent citizens did not commit crimes, did good deeds, and helped their neighbors. However, according to the logic of the Quran, if they did not follow the requirements of Islam, they were sinners and went to Hell. Is this fair? Can you trust a teaching that is so illogical? If we assume that righteous people who did not know Islam still went to Heaven, then the question arises: is religion needed at all? Is it worth following its formal attributes such as regular prayers, performing Hajj, fasting, and others if just by living a righteous life one can achieve Heaven? Why then is religion needed at all?

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