​       I notice how veganism is gaining popularity in Europe.

       Veganism is not only and not so much a rejection of products of animal origin, but rather a philosophy of life.

       If vegetarians believe that animals can not be killed for food and clothing, then the vegans went even further. They believe that animals (in the broad sense of the word, not only in mammals) can not take the products of their vital activity. For example, a cow can not take milk, which is naturally for a calf, chicken can not be taken away from eggs, bees have honey, etc.

       Therefore, real vegans do not eat meat, milk, cheese, eggs, honey.

       By catching this fashionable phenomenon and going towards the vegans, the world food industry has learned to produce many products from vegetable components that taste very similar to the products we have been familiar with since childhood.

       For example, in European supermarkets you can already find a large selection of “soy milk”, “tofu steaks”, “coconut oil,” etc.

       In the most advanced international coffee houses, such as Starbucks, coffee has long been offered with soy, coconut, almond milk.

       Perhaps, the fashion for veganism will reach the Kazakhs, big meat lovers. However, I repeat, the main thing here is not food, but a philosophy of life: you can not kill living creatures, if this is not dictated by an urgent need, if you can wear down jackets, and not skins, if you can eat vegetarian food, and not the “corpses” of animals.

       ​Are we ready for this?

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