I look at some young high-ranking officials and remember myself in their situation.

     Just appointed to a high position. Congratulations of friends and acquaintances. Pride of relatives. Attention at all events.

     Then a new phenomenon appears in their life: an invitation to events as a “wedding general”. At first, it looks sincere. Close friends are invited. You are going because you are really interested and pleasant to communicate with them, and sometimes you are just afraid of offending them. You say the abstruse toasts there. However, whatever you say, applause is assured. You start to get used to the fact that, despite your young age, you are placed “torge” (at the most honorable place), you are given the first word. It seems already normal that when you walk through the crowd you will be recognized and parted. You bathe in the rays of glory. The head slowly and imperceptibly begins to whirl.

     Then you are invited not by the closest friends and relatives. One day it will come to that at some event you suddenly catch yourself thinking that you know no one except one person, the one who invited you, and you see them for the first time. What am I doing here, you think. And suddenly you realize that you were made of a “wedding general”. You look at yourself from outside and you realize that at this honorable place not a cool guy with his virtues, positive character traits and achievements is sitting now, but a minister or vice-minister, or chairman of the National Company. It is not you, it is your post here sitting.

     You are quite definite convinced in it, when for some reason you suddenly find yourself without a job. The number of congratulations is sharply reduced, the number of invitations to events is too. The post has left – friends have left.

     But you knew that it would be like this. You read about this many times in books and heard stories. But when you go through this by yourself, you are surprised: “So, is it the wat everything is arranged?”.

      Yes exactly. You are not the first, and not last. It will be this way forever.

      The only thing that you can change is simply not to become a “wedding general”. Do not allow yourself to make yourself an “honorable trophy” host of the celebration. Go where you really want, where you will be surrounded by real friends. Those who do not read newspapers and have not even heard that you, it turns out, are assigned to a high position or dismissed from it.

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