Let me remind you that, by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, prostitution is not a crime, therefore the priestesses of love do not violate any laws, and regular raids on them, detentions, and delivery to the police station to determine their identity is a gross violation of human rights.

This is the same as if the police regularly came with raids, for example, in shopping centers, restaurants, and hotels, and detained all the saleswomen, waitresses, and maids, took them to the police station to find out their identities, and displayed their photographs in the media. information and so on.

From the point of view of the law, prostitutes are no worse than employees of other service sectors and have no less rights. So why do the police regularly allow themselves to abuse prostitutes?!

The only clue that allows them to break into brothels is the illegality of the brothels themselves. I believe that after the legalization of prostitution, leaving brothels and pimps outlawed is hypocrisy. They also need to be legalized and this whole area should finally be left alone.

I understand that society may consider prostitution immoral. But immoral phenomena must be fought only with condemnation, and not with restrictions on rights.

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