No army in the world can defeat Putin right now because Putin currently enjoys the support of 80% of Russians, who sincerely believe in the righteousness of their leader and are ready to give their lives for him. Such a people and such a president cannot be defeated by any external force.

Putin can only be defeated by his people. When Putin finds himself without the support of his loyal fans, only then will there be an opportunity to hold him accountable internationally.

Therefore, the main task of the global community is not physical combat with the dictator or his physical elimination but rather the discrediting of Putin in the eyes of his citizens.

For this, there is no need for any tricky maneuvers, false propaganda, or other dirty tactics. To achieve this, one simply needs to tell the truth, convey it to the Russians, operate with facts, and evidence, and do it consistently and frequently.

This is how the West won the Cold War and brought down the colossus with feet of clay. At that time, the West did not use weapons but rather destroyed the USSR from within by simply conveying the truth to Soviet citizens through radio stations, samizdat books, and stories of people who had been abroad.

If Putin were to be eliminated right now, it would not solve the problem globally because Russia currently represents an aggressive and blinded society rushing forward at full speed. If you remove the train’s driver, the inertia of the machine is so great that it can continue moving forward for a long time with any assistant driver, be it Zyuganov, Shoigu, Lavrov, or any other politician propagating the same revanchist ideas as Putin.

Therefore, the entire train needs to be stopped, which means convincing Russians of their wrongdoing and delivering the truth to them. Only then, waking up from their slumber and sobering up, will they pass judgment on their crazed leader and turn in another direction.

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