Have you noticed how eager the servants of the leader can be? Official propagandists, deputies, officials, and even ordinary citizens.

It seems like they are all shouting at the top of their lungs, competing to show their patriotism, hatred towards the enemy, and readiness to die for the “führer’s” cause.

Where does such unanimity in voices come from? How do they all manage to say the same words and the same thoughts? It can’t be that Putin personally gives each of his fans on social media detailed instructions and scripts. He probably doesn’t even meet personally with Solovyov, Kiselyov, and others, and put all their sophisticated speculations into their mouths.

Of course not.

The thing is, in a totalitarian regime, the dictator doesn’t need to give precise and detailed instructions to each soldier in his army. It’s enough to suppress dissent and create an atmosphere of rampant unity. After that, it’s sufficient for the servants to show the direction, and they will break free from their chains towards any target, outpacing their master.

They said that Turkey is the enemy. Alright. Thousands of historical, political, and economic reasons were found to poison Turks and all of Turkey. Then they said that Turkey is still a friend, and immediately the same horde of fans, frothing at the mouth, began to argue that Russia and Turkey are brothers forever.

Putin has been raising such an obedient electorate and dealing with it for all 22 years of his reign. And he succeeded. He practically approached Stalin’s position in the Soviet Union in the 1930s when hatred towards capitalism and enemies of the Motherland was raised to such a hysterical level that any dissent and even insufficient zeal in the struggle for the common cause were perceived as betrayal and espionage.

In such an atmosphere, there was no need to persuade anyone. Millions of informants themselves wrote complaints against their neighbors, colleagues, and even relatives. Propagandists competed among themselves to flatter the leader more cunningly and to insult and humiliate the “enemies” more ingeniously. In this competition, they came up with such tricks that not even Stalin himself could have thought of. But it pleased and amused him. And he encouraged them.

The same thing is happening in Russia now. Putin started this engine and set it down the slope. Now this “machine” of shouting, insulting, eavesdropping, and suspiciously looking around at every turn is racing at full speed into the abyss.

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