More than 100 nationalities live in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In everyday life, representatives of all ethnic groups live in peace and harmony, form friendships, help each other, rejoice, and grieve together.

But from time to time, ethnic conflicts flare up in our large friendly family.

Why? What’s the reason? It shouldn’t be like that.

Unfortunately, there is indeed a deep psychological reason for this. The point is that inside each person sits a little nasty quality called “to vent anger on someone weaker.” Some manifest this quality every day, venting their anger on their loved ones, those weaker and more defenseless than them, for example, on their wives, children, subordinates, pets, or just passers-by.

This quality is usually hidden deep inside a person, under a layer of upbringing, education, and spirituality. And the thicker this layer, the deeper the nasty quality is hidden. For some people, to awaken it, you need to explode or erode a huge layer of their best qualities. And for some, who have little education, spirituality, and wisdom, the nasty quality is not deeply hidden, under a thin layer of fear of retribution. It’s enough to give them a small reason and a feeling of impunity.

A big factor helping to bring the vile quality to the surface is the general dissatisfaction of a person. It undermines the outer layer of upbringing and conscience from within, like the molten magma erupting from a volcano. A person accumulates anger towards the state for collecting taxes but not protecting him, not treating him, not educating his children; towards the rich for earning money, God knows how, and then boasting about it and mocking the poor; towards representatives of other nationalities for living better than the indigenous people, and so on. And if several of these irritants coincide, then an explosion is simply inevitable. And during the explosion, you want to vent all the accumulated anger on the personification of all these irritants. For example, if rich Dungans (Armenians, Ingush, Turks, whoever) beat up a poor Kazakh, and the police do nothing, then this is the moment when the quality of “venting anger” breaks all the shackles of upbringing, common sense, prudence. And if at this moment you see that not only you, but many are driven by this feeling, and, most likely, the police cannot cope with such a mass, then the last brake is released – the fear of punishment, and the person cannot be stopped. Riots begin, cruel and senseless.

What should the state and society as a whole do?

It is completely impossible to destroy the vile feeling. It lives deep inside and grows from basic survival and reproduction instincts. It is impossible to fight against these instincts.

The only thing society can do for its self-preservation is to build up the upper layer of consciousness of people, that is, to promote awareness, prudence, and mutual respect.

The only thing the state can do is to eliminate people’s dissatisfaction with fundamental factors within its responsibility, such as justice (the law must be fair and equal for everyone), the economy (people must have the opportunity to earn money legally), public service (everyone must have equal opportunities for career growth), and others.

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