Some people have a consumerist mindset and attitude towards money. They dream of getting rich quickly and buying a huge villa, and an expensive car, and lounging on the beach all day sipping cocktails. These are the extent of their dreams. This is their happiness.

Then there are people with a creative mindset. Money for them is not an end in itself but merely a tool for great achievements. If such people come into big money, they won’t squander it on luxury; instead, they will create something: build a factory, open a restaurant, develop a computer program, and so on. They will use money to create something new rather than spend it. They are excited not by the thought of how cool they look and how much envy their friends and neighbors harbor. They are excited by the thought that they’ve managed to create a giant company and build a great business.

That’s the difference between people with consumerist and creative thinking.

Of course, there are no people with purely creative thinking. And creators spend at least some of their money on life comforts. But comfort and consumption are not their main priorities. The main thing is creation.

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