I recently had to fire an employee. It’s just that our approaches to work did not coincide. It happens.

So after the dismissal, she wrote me a long message, where she expressed everything that she thinks about me.

It turned out that I am too dry in my work, I do not pay attention to relations with employees, I often criticize and almost never praise.

After such words, I wanted to… kiss her!

Yes, yes. I am one of those people who does not take offense at criticism, and does not respond to it in the spirit of “you are a fool!” or “look at yourself!”. I take criticism with gratitude. After all, it gives me food for introspection.

Here and here, I thought about it and realized that I really don’t talk much to my colleagues from the heart, everything is just for work. And indeed, I do not praise my subordinates very much. After all, I am a perfectionist myself and consider doing work for the “five” the norm. What’s the point of praising the norm? But the “four” for me is already a marriage, and it is necessary to pay attention to it. But that’s not the case for most people.

In general, I have something to work on. And the field for work opened up to me only thanks to the criticism of my former subordinate.

Thank her for it!

P. S. by the way that she spoke only after the dismissal is also a bad sign. So when she worked for the company, she was afraid or embarrassed to tell me the truth. So, I couldn’t create an open, relaxed atmosphere in the team. We need to work on that, too.

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