All my life, I’ve always felt sorry for the disabled. After all, they became them through no fault of their own. In most cases, people become disabled at birth or due to an unfortunate combination of circumstances. I wanted to somehow correct this injustice in life and help them.

At the same time, I would like to help not spontaneously, on emotions, but soberly and judiciously. So that this is not a one-time help, but a system one. As they say, to give not a “fish”, which a person will eat once, but a “fishing rod”, with which he can feed all his life! How great it would be if a disabled person could not depend on relatives and not sit at home in idleness!

So I had an idea of how to make this happen.

It is necessary to create an online platform for disabled people, where each of them can tell their story and submit a request for the purchase of equipment with which they can work independently. For example, a person with movement restrictions can make websites, write articles, or create designs while sitting at home. But to do this, he needs a good computer and Internet access. Someone can be a shoemaker, but for this they need special equipment. And someone can work as a call center operator. A good phone connection and headphones with a microphone are enough for this. And there are many such options.

On the other hand, I am sure that there are thousands of people around us who, like me, would like to help disabled people find their dreams. Such people could go to the site, view the history of disabled people and make the necessary amount to buy equipment for one of them. This is not a loan, this is an irrevocable donation. But in return, the sponsor would have received the realization that he made the life of at least one person on Earth happier and more meaningful.

I am no longer an entrepreneur and do not create websites, I am an investor. But I will be happy to finance this idea if there is a team that can bring it to life. One of the main conditions is that in the end the site should not be completely dependent on me. It is important to think through the system correctly so that the platform is self-sufficient, for example, by deducting the Commission from each transfer of the sponsor or by accepting donations. This money should cover the costs of programmers who support the site, and for volunteers who will use the money of sponsors to buy and install equipment.

If there are people among you who are ready to take up this project, please contact us. I will be happy to help!

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