Once a friend asked me to recommend him a reliable construction team. As I a kind person, I advised my masters checked by several repairs. A couple of months later, when I met my friend, for half an hour he complained to me about my protégé, about his irresponsibility, disorganization, unprofessionalism, etc. I listened to him and thought: “What the hell did I advise him this master? I would have kept silence, and it would be all right. A friend would have found another master, I would not have listened to all this. The relationship between all of us would be wonderful. And in general, why am I trying to help my friends? I will never do that again!”.

     Recently I had a reverse situation. I asked another friend to recommend me a specialist. He advised me of his consultant. I turned to the consultant, to say the least of it, he disappointed me, and talking specifically, he just let me down. Here is this friend calling me, who recommended the consultant, and asks how it went. I tell him briefly: “We did not succeed.” He feels himself terribly and uncomfortable for the consultant, and he begins to apologize. Then I remember myself in a similar situation and, understanding all his range of feelings, I begin to calm him down and say that it is okay, I’m probably to blame, and so on. At the same time, I think, if only he would not be disappointed and did not stop doing good to friends))) 

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