No, I’m not talking about global villains like Dracula or Putin. I am referring to ordinary citizens, perhaps quite decent and law-abiding, but committing inexplicable actions for me.

Here in the supermarket, a handsome man with a cart full of food, stops in a narrow aisle and picks melons for a long time. He touches one, the other. Smells, snaps. And most importantly, I understand that with peripheral vision he sees me and three other buyers standing behind me. He knows that we can’t get around him, that he is holding us back. But stubbornly stands across the road and enjoys the selection process. Finally, I very politely asked him to move. The man gazes around us with displeasure and, leisurely, moves aside, opening the way for us.

Another example. I am getting out of the elevator, and I find a whole line of people hurrying to get into the elevator. I politely stop for a second, smile and look into their eyes, as if saying: “Sorry, but how can I get out? Could you step aside and let me through?” But in response, I see only disgruntled sullen faces who seem to enter into a mute dialogue with me with the following words: “Well, what’s stuck? Get out faster, you are not a prince!”

And here’s another example. I come out of the mall for a parking lot and find another car in front of my car. Fortunately, a driver is on the spot. Sitting, looking at his phone. I start the car, turn on the turn signal. But the driver pretends not to understand my hints. Only when I personally approach him and politely ask him to let me get out, he looks at me with displeasure, reluctantly starts the car and drives out of my way.

In all such cases, it’s interesting for me to look into the skull of these people and see what’s going on there. What thoughts run there? What logic is lining up?

I don’t even judge them. I’m tired of judging. I just want to understand.

Now I am in Italy.

There are also tactless people here who create problems for others.

It’s sad.

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