One of the Kazakh women was indignant that the statue of a young girl in the park of Astana is too frankly demonstrating a woman’s body. Another of our compatriots went even further and covered the statue with a handkerchief in order to hide the “shame”. The act of a man caused approval from a certain part of the population.

     Well, what can I say?

     This case clearly demonstrates the level of our development. If the Renaissance era after the gloomy Middle Ages came to Europe in the 15th century, then it is still ahead of us. So, in terms of culture, we lag behind Europe for about 600 years. We still have to comprehend humanism and understand the true value of Man in all its manifestations: in thought, in deeds, in the body. We have not yet realized how perfectly the body of a man and how beautiful the body of a woman. They are divine. They were not created in the image and likeness of God, but, conversely, the images of the gods were written according to the lines of beautiful people. The beauty of the human body should not be concealed, it should not be ashamed, but should be sung. This is what the great masters of antiquity and then the Renaissance did. And their creations survived over many of those who considered their sculptures and paintings blasphemy and debauchery.

     So who are we? In what era do we live? What story do we now create in our country? The Dark Middle Ages with inquisitors, burning witches and sorcerers for bold works of art? Or the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, when science and culture came to replace prejudice and ignorance?

     P.S. If someone is shocked by the sculpture of a girl in a tight dress, then I advise you to look more often at the sites of the best museums in the world and be educated. Maybe then we need less than 600 years?

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