– Mom, Dad, are you always at home? Go somewhere to have a rest or to a sanatorium. I will buy you a voucher.

      – Thank you, son. We are at home well. Do not worry about us.


      – Mom, well, you are on the train again. Let me buy you a plane ticket.

      – What for? I get used to the train and it is funnier on it. Moreover, the ticket is cheaper. What money to waste in vain?


      – Dad, why did not you call that you are coming? I would meet you from the train.

      – Am I so old and helpless? I can not get off the train and get on the bus, right? I have little things, so do not worry, do your own business.


      – Mom, you probably have run out of money. I will send more today.

      – Do not, do not, son! We have money. We do not need much. You would better send a daughter-student because it is difficult for her to be afar.


      I wonder if all have such parents? )))

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