Difficult times which the President of the country warned us about are already coming. Oil does not appreciate. There is less and less hope for a miracle. Anyhow, it is not expected in the short term. The lack of money will be greatly felt now.

             What should we do?

             We need to adapt and learn to live in new realities. We have to sacrifice and give up something.

             The state, companies, families – everyone have to.

             Of course, everyone has his own ideas about economy.

             For example, one of my friends decided to sell his yacht in the Mediterranean. By the way, does anybody need a two-deck yacht?

            Another friend of mine decided to close his business and go to work for someone. Does anybody need an intelligent guy with two higher bachelor degrees and business acumen?

            Personally, I gave up an expensive and luxurious fitness center and decided to go in a cheaper, but functional enough one. I will probably be able to survive the painted walls around instead of marble columns.

            I refused new projects and expansion of the office. In fact, four people can sit together in one room. Most importantly is to have a friendly and productive atmosphere around.

           We refused weekly family dinners in restaurants. It turned out that we can enjoy delicious and healthy food at home too.

           I first learned of the OLX site and tried to sell some old things through it. Not bad. Works properly. Money cannot be extra and now there is more free space in the house.

           And how did you meet the crisis and what did you sacrifice for the sake of the economy?

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