It is said that the new broom sweeps in a new way, or there is such a term as “to inject fresh blood”.

      In these expressions, of course, it makes sense. Updating in any team is necessary, otherwise – stagnation.

      But there is another extreme of this phenomenon.

      I remember when I came to a new collective and began to study the state of affairs, my first thoughts were: “What an horror! How everything is running! “.

      I began to work, rolled up my sleeves, turned everything upside down, rebuilt in a new way. But on some questions, I was surprised to find that after some time, having passed around in a circle, I returned exactly to the same decision to which my predecessors came before me. It turns out that they were not such fools.

      Now when my younger and more zealous colleagues are starting to criticize their predecessors in a new place, I smile and say: “Well, well. Let’s see what you will say in half a year. “

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