Remember in Pushkin’s “The Tale of the Priest and His Worker Balda” there is such an episode: Balda argued with a little devil that he would not move the mare for half a verst. The devil strained his remarkable strength, lifted the blue one, and could not carry it more than two steps. And Balda climbed himself on the mare and galloped on it playfully full mile.

      Every time I remember this fairy tale, when I look at how our state agencies are straining, spending money and forces to maintain their departmental websites. And not all are good at it.

      However, you can do this work playfully, but do not drag it, but, on the contrary, go on it. You just need to transfer this function through an open tender to private companies. The latter, in turn, would bear the costs of maintaining the site in exchange for the right to place advertising on it. At the same time, the overall design of the site, its thematic focus would be determined by the state agency, and the commercial component would be completely divided into a management company.

      I think that such interaction would be beneficial for both sides. Those who wish to place advertising on the site of the state agency, such as the ministry, will find a lot. For example, the largest pharmaceutical companies, I think, want to place their banner on the website of the Ministry of Health, manufacturers of machines and equipment – on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, consulting companies – on the website of the Ministry of Finance, etc. This means that managing such a site will be beneficial for the management company. She will be able to make good money, passing the advertising space of the site. On the other hand, I will lose an entire article, including in the reliable hands of professionals, the ministry will only have to sell its information in a timely manner and clearly control its placement on the official part of the site.

     This is just one example, when a state resource cannot be used at the cost of enormous effort, but used with a double benefit.

      Enough already to drag the mare, because you can ride it! ☺

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