I consider myself a citizen with an active life position, always expressing my point of view on important social issues, and stating my position. If I don’t like something, I fight against it, if I like it, I support it. My friends don’t always understand me, they ask: “Why do you need this? Why do you spend so much energy, nerves, time? What will it change in the country, in the world? Isn’t it easier to live quietly, silently, sticking to your own opinion?” And indeed, there are many people around who prefer to remain silent, keeping their thoughts to themselves. At most, they dare to passionately discuss topics that concern them with a small circle of friends in the kitchen, but never in front of strangers, not on open social networks. When I think about it, I come up with a comparison with the liquid crystal screen of a television. It consists of millions of pixels, which can emit red, blue, yellow, and green light or may not work at all, and then the screen will be black. So, if the majority of working pixels on the television screen are blue, and a smaller part is red, the viewer will have the impression that the screen is more blue than red, and vice versa. In the same way, we show everyone around us the “color” of our voice through the same posts on social networks, comments, and likes. If you don’t add your color to the picture of public opinion, you yield your place to an opponent whose voice pixel is of the opposite color. This, in turn, creates the impression that most people hold views opposite to yours. And then, relying on such a distorted public opinion, for example, officials may make decisions that do not satisfy you, or young minds may decide that it is acceptable to behave immorally, and so on. To prevent this from happening, you need not be silent, you need to somehow manifest yourself. In the modern world, the best way to do this is to speak out on social networks, where everyone will hear you at once. It’s important not to be silent, to paint the world in bright colors, and not to leave your pixels blank and black.

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